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Timed Auction

Timed Auction video guide



Timed auctions run without an auctioneer calling out the bids - so there is no live bidding area, or livestreaming audio and video.

Instead, bidding is left directly on the lot page, and there is a bidding "window" - or a set time period that the lot is open for bidding. Once this period of time has ended, no more bids are taken the lot is sold to the highest bidder, as long as the reserve price has been met or exceeded.

Tell us your maximum bid, sit back, relax, and our system will do the bidding for you. Our system is designed with smart bidding in mind, meaning it will only bid just enough for you to stay in the lead, or meet the reserve price. 

To leave a bid, go to the lot page and on the right hand-side you will see the bidding information such as End Time and Starting Bid.

Enter your maximum price on into the box as seen below and click Place Bid.



  • We will email you confirmation of your bid.
  • If your maximum bid does not meet reserve, we will send you an email letting you know.
  • If another bidder outbids you, we will also let you know - in case you decide you really want the lot after all and want to increase your bid.

If you are unable to place a bid, check you are logged in and registered, and then double-check that the auction has started. If the auction has started, you will not see a start time (as below).


You can always spot a Timed auction with the following icon on the catalogue page:


If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of the lot due to end, this end time will be extended by a further 5 minutes to prevent bid sniping.